Physical Rehabilitation

Occupational therapists work with people of all ages and abilities to assist with physical rehabilitation. We aim to support clients through gradual activity progression for increased participation in safe and healthy lifestyle behaviours to achieve optimal self-care performance and participation in everyday occupations.
Occupational therapists can assist people to recover from illness or injury by helping them improve their independence with performing everyday tasks. This is done using a combination of approaches which include practicing former skills or learning to adapt and compensate for the physical dysfunction being experienced.
Some of the tasks may include:
  • Personal care – if you are having problems with any aspect of looking after yourself such as bathing, showering, toileting/toilet hygiene, dressing, eating, personal hygiene and grooming, OT4Change can assist with strategies to help.
  • Cooking & household management – cooking meals, managing bills, caring for pets, and child rearing are all part of everyday life. An illness or injury can have a big impact on how you are able to continue with these roles and OT4Change can assist with developing strategies to improve your ability to complete these tasks.
  • Community access – You can be supported to access your community and regain your confidence and independence with activities such as shopping, use of public transport, driving and attending valued activities in the community.
  • Leisure, hobbies and interests, are an important part of who you are. These are the things you choose to do to help relax, be happy and have some balance to your life. If illness or injury stops you from participating in these activities, it can have a big impact on your wellbeing. OT4Change can support you to re-engage in hobbies or even encourage you to try new activities that you may not have previously considered.
  • Fatigue management – A period of illness or injury can leave you feeling weaker and more tired than normal. OT4Change can assist with energy conservation techniques and healthy sleep hygiene practices.
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